The Cost of a Broken Heart?

By my calculations… Approximately £208.50

Okay. Let’s say you’re twenty something. As much as we wish they could, relationships don’t always (or often) last forever. So you’ve broken up, or are thinking of breaking up. Here’s some things that might help you move on, but of course… they’re things that cost money. Break ups are expensive.

1. The Break Up Hair Cut/Tattoo/Body Piercing

You need to move on and get over this. You need a new hair cut, a new you. You need to look in the mirror and see someone new. Maybe you’ll do this yourself with a pair of scissors in the bathroom. Maybe you’ll buy your own bleach and hair dye. This is probably going to go wrong, and you’re going to have to take that picture of the perfect Taylor Swift haircut to the hairdressers anyway. We’ll call it £50. I don’t recommend the tattoo or body piercing… but if you decide for one of these more permanent changes, they’ll probably cost you around the same.

2. The Gym Membership

If you’re going to get through this, you might as well get fit doing it. Endorphins really do make you feel better, and exercise is going to make you look better. If nothing else, lifting heavy stuff is a better option than using your ex as a punching bag, even if it’s not quite as therapeutic. Gym memberships cost about £20 per month, maybe a little less if you don’t want the added advantage of a pool/sauna, so if you can stick it out for 3 months (hopefully the sting will have passed a little by then) – well that comes in at £60.

3. The Buddy Box

This is a suggestion, but it doesn’t hurt to look after yourself and these things are a hug in a box. They come with at least 5 items, and all of them are designed to make you feel better. Think tea, face masks, books, hot chocolate, sleep balm… The box always costs less than the full price of all the items too. It’s £21.50 well spent, or £12 if you want to try the ‘lite’ version. You can buy one over at the blurt foundation – check out their free resources for when you’re feeling low too!

4. A Therapeutic Book

Okay. Honestly, this one is non-negotiable. It’s Called a Breakup Because it’s Broken is an absolute heartbreak life saver. A self-help guide for getting over a breakup, it’s basically an extended version of all the advice your friends will give you… But tough love. Basically, YOU NEED TO MOVE ON. No excuses. No ifs or buts. You can borrow it from the library, or buy it here on amazon! If you opt for amazon, it’s £7 paperback (or only £5 ebook).

5. Underwear, Clothes & Cosmetics

You don’t want to be walking around in stuff that reminds you of him. You don’t want to look like rubbish if you see him again. You need a makeover. This is retail therapy and you’re probably going to get carried away. Victorias Secret bra? The most expensive jumper you’ve ever bought? A pair of killer heels?? Maybe even work-out gear for that new gym membership. Not to mention new waterproof mascara. We’ll be generous on the bank account and call it £70… but it’s probably going to come to more.

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