How Do You Like Me Now?

Author: Holly Bourne
Release Date: 12/06/18
My Rating: 4/5

In Brief

Tori is a self help guru. She had her twenties all figured out – and made a life for herself by selling self-help books so that everyone else could pull their sh*t together too. But now.. she’s in her thirties. And it turns out she doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing. No further self help books are sprouting from her mind, the love of her life is…well, maybe not so much… and everyone around her seems to be so much happier than she is. This book follows her through a critical year in her life, where she might just have to admit to both herself and her fans, that all hasn’t quite gone to plan.

My Opinion

This is Holly Bourne’s first adult novel, and I was very excited when I saw it because I really enjoyed some of her YA books. I’m at an age where I can enjoy both genres, but I was ready for something a bit more tailored, and well – someone who knew the secret to a perfect twenties sounded like an ideal character. I loved the portrayal of social media in this book, and how perfect it can make other peoples lives look from the outside. The fact that all your friends are falling in love, getting married, and having kids while you’re stuck in a relationship that’s going nowhere seems like a pretty crap situation. Except all of Tori’s friends are jealous of her fabulous lifestyle and career – so it’s not all that simple. Tori has to learn to let go of how her life ‘appears’ to the outside world in order to admit that she’s not happy, which I think is something we all struggle with. The book explores how much bravery it really takes to admit that you’re in a sh*tty situation, and to get yourself out of it. Personally, I just want to know what happens after this! Sequel please?

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